Candidate Bio

Bruce Karbowski is a former US Air Force Serviceman, business owner, and has been a resident of Liberty County since he was 11 years old. He and his wife Jeanie are blessed with six children and eleven grandchildren.

Bruce has worked hard as your Liberty County Pct 1 Commissioner for the past 2 1/2 years and would appreciate your support in March 2020 Republican Primary.

There are upcoming projects that include continued improvement in drainage issues in the precinct, as well as more resurfacing of County Roads.

"Proven leadership with integrity. Keep Bruce Karbowski as your County Commissioner, Pct. 1"


As a business owner, with his company grossing $6.2 million, Bruce is uniquely qualified as one of the few County Commissioners who have hands-on experience with business ownership. He understands Profit & Loss calculations, budgeting, and the experience and pressures of making payroll.

During his two years in office, many County Roads have been repaved, and many of our previous gravel roads are now paved. He has been instrumental in developing techniques with a device to clean culverts that are now being used by most commissioners. Additionally, several drainage projects have been completed with many more ongoing.